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Should I Walk My Dog Before or After Meals?

Dogs thrive on routine. Pet parents who also have children will know the importance of developing a ...


What’s the Best Food to Feed My Dog?

It was be so simple if one food was ideal for all dogs. But dogs have different needs based on many ...


Shelter vs. Breeder: What’s the Difference?

Adopting a dog vs. buying from a breeder is a topic that can divide dog owners. Some feel strongly t...


The Average Cost of a Dog’s Vet Care

When you are caught in the powerful gaze of puppy eyes, it is hard to stop and think rationally abou...


Dog Poop: What’s Normal?

No dog owner can escape it, and when you are scooping dog poop regularly, you can’t help but notic...


What Do I Do if My Puppy Doesn’t Want to Eat?

A new puppy not eating is worrying. Puppies should have great appetites for everything – food, pla...