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Getting a New Puppy?

Thinking of getting a new puppy? Bringing a new puppy into your home at any time of the year results...

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4 Tricks to Keep Your Older Dog Healthy & Happy

If your dog once loved chasing balls but has begun to lose interest, it could be due to some age-rel...

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How to Care for a Hard-Working Dog

All dogs have a job.  Most of them devote themselves to keeping us company and protecting our homes...

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Could Your Dog Get Arthritis?

Arthritis is one of those age-related ailments that afflicts both humans and canines.  We tend to a...

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Is Your Dog Sneezing and Coughing this Winter?

Winter is when humans tend to get sick with all sorts of colds and coughs, but what about our dogs? ...

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6 Surprising Winter Hazards for Dogs

Winter in Ireland is full of surprises, especially with the weather. It can change very quickly, and...

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